Wisdom Teeth Removal from Dentists: When Should You Do It and Why?

A wisdom tooth is a third molar that shows up later in life. It can grow completely or impacted. There are people free of any problems with their wisdom teeth, but there are others who suffer from pain and discomfort because of them.

There is no need for wisdom teeth removal if they grow in the right position, meaning they don’t affect the gums, the other teeth or any other part of the mouth. However, if they become impacted and cause a crowding inside, they may have to be removed.

wisdom teeth removal

Reasons to Remove Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth can cause oral health problems, such as the collection of cavities and other bacteria that can lead to infection or inflammation. Wisdom teeth don’t have enough space to erupt, causing overcrowding. This then makes the surrounding gums hard to clean. When the teeth and gums aren’t cleaned properly, they become prone to infection and inflammation. This is why some dentists in Greenville, SC may recommend wisdom teeth removal, even if a wisdom tooth grows fine and doesn’t cause discomfort.

Another reason to remove a wisdom tooth is if it affects the quality of your life and your health. If it’s so painful that you’re no longer able to concentrate on daily activities, you may want it taken out. It can damage nearby teeth, and cause gum disease or tooth decay. In more serious cases, it can result in cysts and tumors. Once you experience any of these, don’t hesitate to visit and consult with your dentist about a possible removal.

The Best Time to Remove a Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom teeth appear at various ages in people’s lives. However, a removal is best done while a person is young and able to heal faster than when they grow older. On the other hand, it is better for 40-year-olds to just keep their wisdom teeth if they suffer no discomfort or oral problems. A visit to the dentist will help you decide if taking wisdom teeth out is necessary and when is the best time to do it.

Taking care of your wisdom tooth is part of good oral health. You should not take it for granted. Practice proper oral hygiene and regularly visit experienced Greenville dentists. If any pain or discomfort occurs, don’t hesitate to tell your dentist about it.


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