Take the Stress and Worry Out of Tooth Extractions

               If jaw pain, continual toothache, or swelling gums are causing you to suffer, it might be time to see your Greenville dentist about a possible tooth extraction. Tooth removal is a simple procedure that is often dreaded.  To ease your concerns and pain, the place to go in Greenville SC for tooth extractions is Downtown Dental. They will ensure your comfort and work to save your teeth.

Reasons for Tooth Extractions

               Tooth extractions are used only when a tooth is too decayed or damaged to salvage or if it starts to threaten the surrounding teeth. Patients who have had immunosuppressing treatments like the radiation in chemotherapy sometimes have teeth which are more vulnerable to infections. One weakened tooth can spread decay and infection to others. Teeth must also be pulled if they are blocking the eruption of other teeth. If crowding occurs among the teeth, extraction is necessary to prevent other issues. Impacted teeth, which are teeth that are stuck in gums, will need extraction. Wisdom tooth removal is the most well-known type of extraction.

               Wisdom teeth are the final molars to erupt in your mouth and can be very troublesome.  Some complications of wisdom teeth include crowding of teeth that lead to bite problems or a toothache, and impacted or partially impacted teeth.  These molars are also very difficult to keep clean and can result in infection due to particles getting stuck under the gums surrounding the tooth.


               Tooth extractions come in two main procedures; simple extractions and surgical extractions. Visible teeth can be taken care of with a simple extraction.  In this case, the patient will have general anesthesia or, at Downtown Dental, IV conscious sedation is offered to calm your nerves. Your dental health and well-being are always the top priority with this Greenville dentist. In the case of IV conscious sedation, you will have no memory of the procedure and feel no pain. With either anesthetic, the dentist will use a tool called an elevator to leverage and loosen your tooth. Forceps will then be used to remove the loosened tooth. If the tooth is not visible, is impacted, or is damaged along the gums, the dentist will use surgical extraction.

               Surgical extractions are common procedures.  The considerate care given by the staff at Downtown Dental will include extensive information and consultation before any decisions are made. You must not eat or drink at least 6 to 8 hours before you arrive for the procedure. After sedation, your dentist will make an incision to access the damaged or impacted tooth. Great care will be taken to gently remove the tooth. This method is used to remove any wisdom teeth And his common operation is stress-free when you use Downtown Dental. Dr. Kenna and the staff will have you relaxed and ready for your extraction.

Preparations and Precautions.

               As with any procedure, it is important to be prepared and to know which precautions to take before your extraction. Dr. Kenna and the staff at Downtown Dental will be available to answer any questions you may have at (864) 438-2646. Your comfort and complete well-being are their first concern. Some precautions will be taken regarding recent medication or procedures.  Remember to inform your dentist if you have had chemotherapy since the immune system can be weakened by radiation. Smokers will need to refrain from smoking for at least 24 hours before the extraction process to help lower chances of dry socket. Dry socket occurs when the bone and nerves are exposed to air and germs because blood has not clotted properly after removal.  If you are planning on an extraction, be sure to have the procedure before you begin to take any bisphosphates, an osteoporosis medication. Extractions done after taking bisphosphates can add to the chance of decay in the jaw bone.

Relax and Feel Better

               A tooth extraction of any kind can be a scary possibility and often keeps people away from treatment when they most need it. There is nothing to fear once you have your information and find the right dentist. If you have any dental needs or anxiety, the place to go in Greenville SC for tooth extractions is Downtown Dental. Dr. Trey Kenna and the staff at Downtown Dental offer compassionate and comprehensive care that is entirely focused on your peace of mind and overall health, not just your dental needs. They are eager to patiently answer any of your questions at (864) 438-2646.