Dentist Offers Greenville Oral Surgery You Can Trust

               Oral surgery focuses on the surgical and supporting treatment, diagnosis, injury, or illness in the functioning of the teeth, jaws, mouth and face. A wide range of practices fall under this specialized dental care. Here are some common operations performed in oral surgery in Greenville SC:


               Extraction comes in many forms and the procedure can be a valuable tool in the hands of any oral surgeon. The most well-known extraction process is wisdom teeth removal. Decayed or damaged teeth and embedded teeth stuck in the gums require removal for the continued health of the patient.

Tooth Replacement

               Missing or extracted teeth need to be replaced using either a bridge or dental implants, otherwise they may create discomfort and cause the jaw to deteriorate. A bridge replaces a tooth using two supporting teeth. The new tooth is anchored by neighboring teeth but not anchored into the jaw bone.  Dental implants use a metal screw to anchor a new root into the jaw then dentists place a ceramic bone-like tooth into the empty space.

Bone grafting

               Weak or eroded jaw bones require bone grafting. Through bone grafting, new bone will be grown or tissue refurbished. The new bone or tissue will be used in repairing jaw lines and facial structure when it has decayed or has been injured.

Facial Trauma or Injury

               Trauma to the face can be helped through oral surgery as well. An oral surgeon in Greenville SC, like Dr. Trey Kenna at Downtown Dental, can help with setting a fractured jaw or damaged tissues. You can reach his helpful staff at (864) 438-2646 for dental emergencies or questions.

Oral Pathology

               Damaged tissues need oral pathology care. An oral surgeon can help by removing cysts or benign tumors, as well as performing tissue biopsies. Downtown Dental uses oral pathology to keep your mouth healthy and in great shape.

Corrective Surgeries

               Cleft palates and corrective or reconstructive jaw surgeries are more complex components of oral surgery. A dental team with extensive training, like Downtown Dental, can perform many procedures in the convenience of their office. This can cut back on your treatment time and your recovery time from any oral surgery.


               Another condition solved by oral surgery in Greenville SC is TMJ, short for temporomandibular joint. This issue creates serious pain and even locked jaw. With TMJ, the joint moves out of sync and rotates incorrectly during jaw movements such as chewing or talking. Trauma to the jaw or grinding teeth aggravates this condition. Your dentist in Greenville SC, Dr. Trey Kenna, can diagnose and help treat your TMJ.

IV Sedation

               All of these procedures require anesthesia. Downtown Dental offers IV sedation for Greenville oral surgery that you can trust. For less invasive procedures, IV conscious sedation is also available to ensure the patient’s comfort. With IV conscious sedation, the patient can respond to simple commands but won’t remember the procedure. Dr. Kenna has had additional training in IV sedation. He feels that a patient is best cared for when they are at ease.

How to Choose Oral Surgeon in Greenville SC

               A reliable oral surgeon will have considerable education and training. Dr. Kenna has additional training in restorative dentistry, IV sedation, and dental implants for example. He also studied for 5 years at the Medical College of Georgia after his graduation from Furman University.

               Trusted dentists take pride in their craft and are active members in their field. Dr. Kenna of Downtown Dental is a member of the American Dental Association as well as the South Carolina Dental Association. This dentist in Greenville SC is also a member of the Academy of General Dentistry where he earned his fellowship award.

               Choosing an oral surgeon can be daunting. A great oral surgeon will have training and awards, and also genuinely care about you and your well-being. Downtown Dental’s staff has the training and education to put you at ease,  as well as a total care approach. Extra comforts like massage  chairs and TVs are in each room to help you relax.  They will always take the time to guide you through your procedure when you call them at (863) 438-2646.