IV Sedation

Because we care, we offer IV sedation for those who may be too anxious to seek dental care. This can take the fear and worry out of maintaining your total health.  Dr. Kenna obtained extensive training in IV conscious sedation during his general practice residency at the Medical College of Georgia.  We also deliver a gentle touch and place your comfort first.

IV sedation is not just reserved for surgical procedures, such as implant placement or wisdom tooth removal.  Many people also prefer to be sedated for more routine procedures to help remove their anxiety while safely improving their oral health.  We are able to provide higher quality dentistry more efficiently and safely when you are relaxed and comfortable.


What is  conscious sedation?

Conscious sedation is a minimally depressed level of consciousness that retains your abiliy to breath on your own and respond appropriately to stimulation while reducing your ability to remember.  You will often have no memory of the dental procedure.


Why does Dr. Kenna prefer IV sedation?

  • Intravenous route is the most effective method of ensuring predictable and adequate sedation.
  • Effective blood levels are achieved quickly and the recovery period is very short
  • Medications can be dosed to the desired effect, which is not possible with other routes.
  • Medications used can be reversed if necessary.
  • The IV allows portal for administration of emergency drugs.
  • Side effects of nausea and vomiting are extremely uncommon
  • You often do not remember the procedure, feeling like you were asleep the whole time!

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