Dentist in Greenville SC Offers Whiter Teeth with Perks

Everybody is looking for a brighter, more noticeable smile. Dr. Trey Kenna and his team at Downtown Dental can give you a teeth whitening in Greenville SC that will leave you relaxed and smiling. The entire staff will make your experience more of a retreat than a treatment. Before you call (864) 438-2646 to make your appointment, here is a little background to get you ready.

Stained or Dull Teeth Don’t Just Happen

Teeth become dull and stained through many factors. Each person’s set of teeth has differing levels of enamel and dentin. Enamel is a thin, tough layer that covers your tooth. Dentin is the thick. bony tissue that lies beneath the enamel. Even if you have strong thick enamel and healthy colored dentin, as you age the enamel will thin and your dentin will become darker. Also, the thin film on your teeth, known as pellicle, picks up stains and particles that will cause your teeth to appear dull over time.

There are two kinds of tooth stains; extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic stains form on the outside of the tooth. Stains from dark liquids like coffee, teas, sodas and wine are common. Extrinsic stains can easily be solved with a procedure by a cosmetic dentist, in Greenville SC or elsewhere. Intrinsic stains are not as well-known because they occur inside the tooth, often caused by decay, disease, too much fluoride in childhood, or early use of tetracycline medications. In the case of root canals, intrinsic stains can be resolved by a dentist placing whitening agents in the tooth, then covering it with a temporary filling and leave it for a few days. Sometimes teeth whitening will not be advisable.

Exceptions and Precautions

As with any technique, there will always be exceptions and precautions. Porcelain and ceramic veneers will not respond to bleaching and might need to be replaced  if they have become discolored in addition to your whitening in Greenville SC. A receding gum line might expose roots that also will not turn whiter after the process.

Precautions should include having your dentist in Greenville SC fill any cavities prior to the whitening process. Open cavities allow the whitening solution to travel inside the tooth and cause discomfort. If you have any other tooth decay or gum receding, the bleaching technique can make them more sensitive and you should inform your dental professional before the whitening procedure.

Relaxing Procedure

Our teeth whitening process is easy.  When you come into the office we’ll set you send you home with a set of custom teeth whitening trays which allows you to whiten at home with a prescription strength whitening gel.  How our treatments differ from over-the-counter treatments is that over-the-counter products are typically weaker and may take several months to achieve the desired whiteness. Ill-fitting trays and slipping strips can cause unnecessary, added discomfort to teeth and gums. Also, in the case of ordered treatments, some mixtures may be strong and create an effect that’s too intensely white or damages teeth. These treatments also don’t last very long.  A full teeth whitening treatment from Downtown Dental usually takes 2 weeks and a noticeable shade change is usually realized during the first week.  The benefits of this option is that you always have the trays and can touch up your smile when needed, there is less sensitivity than “In-Office” whitening, and its much less expensive than an in office treatment.

Downtown Dental offers a relaxing atmosphere to have teeth whitening done quickly. You can sit back and watch t.v., or listen to music in the comfort of a massaging chair while the staff completes your whitening process. Your Greenville cosmetic dentist closely monitors your whitening process and he will use a picture of your teeth to check the progress of the whitening gel. Your teeth are cleaned and any film is removed prior to whitening. A protective material is applied to the gums and then the whitening gel will be applied.  The whitening agent contains hydrogen peroxide that comes in gel form. Many offices use a specialized light to speed up your process.  In all, it will take anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. The results are immediate and can last six months to a year or even more with proper care.


In order to begin achieving that whiter smile, just give us a call to make an appointment and you’ll be on your way.