Greenville Family Dentistry Takes the Anxiety Out of Root Canals

               Very few people look forward to a root canal, unless they are in excruciating pain. However, one dentist in downtown Greenville SC is able to reduce the dread that goes along with this maligned procedure. Through explanation, careful attention and comfortable surroundings, Dr. Trey Kenna performs the most stress-free root canal that Greenville SC can offer.

The Root Canal Explained

               Somewhere along the way, root canals became known for being painful and very difficult. In actuality, the root canal is a very simple procedure and, with proper medication and sedation, quite painless. Downtown Dental offers general anesthesia as well as IV sedation for patients who have fears about receiving dental treatment. Call them at (864) 438-2646 to ask them about their total health approach that includes conscious IV sedation, because even under sedation, it is nice to know when you will need a root canal and what will happen once you are underway.

               The root canal procedure gets its name from the tiny paths that allow nerves to travel through the tooth. Inside of a tooth are arteries, veins, connective tissues, lymph vessels and nerve fibers. The nerves enter the tooth through the very tip of the root and travel along the center of the tooth through root canals. Each tooth can contain one to four root canals.  The point of the root canal procedure is to stop and prevent decay inside the mouth by cleaning out the pulp inside the tooth and reshaping canals if needed.

               Root canals are used to save a tooth once its softer inner core, known as pulp, becomes decayed or dies. Pulp becomes infected when foreign particles have entered the tooth, usually through a cavity or crack. Dead tissues or cells that have not been removed by the body during its natural process also can be trapped inside the tooth. The trapped particles cause extra blood and cells to flood the area in an attempt to heal the tooth, causing a lot of pressure in the tooth and that’s where you get the pain.

               Infections, left untreated inside the tooth, will lead to decay and lost teeth or, even worse, further infection in other teeth. A dead or infected tooth must be taken out. Missing teeth lead to further issues, like the slipping or erosion of other teeth and possible loss of bone in the jaw. To stop these issues, a dentist must replace the tooth through bridge work or a dental implant, which means more office visits and added cost. Pain will also increase over time with each of these conditions. Root canals are really the most cost effective and least demanding of all options for an infected tooth.

               The entire root canal process can be conveniently taken care of in 1 to 3 visits at the offices of Downtown Dental. General anesthesia is available here, as well as IV sedation, for patients who are uneasy about the process. Sedation usually begins after the tooth has been isolated with a rubber like covering. The root canal and diseased pulp are accessed through a hole that has been drilled into the crown. The unhealthy pulp and sometimes root tip will be removed and the space is cleaned thoroughly. Sometimes the dentist will inject medicine into the area to prevent further infection. Once the dentist is satisfied with the shape and cleanliness of the root canal, the canal will be filled with a thermoplastic substance called gutta-percha. The dentist will choose to either temporarily or permanently seal the tooth. If a temporary seal is placed on the tooth, the patient will need to return to receive a permanent crown or post at a later date.  Your permanent crown can last you a lifetime with proper dental care and cleaning. A small amount of discomfort can be expected after the procedure, but with medication and careful tending, pain can be avoided or minimal.

Healing Can be Relaxing

               The team at Downtown Dental believes in a comprehensive approach to health, so they are prepared to do a root canal in true Greenville SC style, by giving you your best dental experience. Exam rooms are fitted with soothing dental massage chairs, a t.v. available for viewing on the wall and ceiling as well as music and Apple computers. For all of the business people with crammed schedules, there’s no better location than a dentist in downtown Greenville. The staff at Downtown Dental are incredibly gentle, making it a great place for kids and they are known as a top Greenville family dentistry. Call them today at (864) 438-2646 to see just how stress-free and comfortable a root canal can be.