When Athletes must Check their Teeth with Dentists in Greenville, SC

People will always want to prove themselves by shaping their body through strenuous outdoor activity – but not when your teeth have to suffer for it. An article in the equestrian sports website HorseTalk notes:

Dental Health

High carbohydrate diets, acidic sports drinks and a heightened risk of eating disorders arising from the need to control weight are taking their toll on the teeth of athletes, according to dental specialists.

The researchers made particular mention of sports such as horse riding, boxing, gymnastics and long-distance running as disciplines where eating disorders were likely to be a factor in poor dental health due to the need to control weight.

Eighteen researchers from Britain and North America issued what they described as a call to action to tackle the problem in an open-access article published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

Their consensus statement said diet was not the only culprit. There was little in the way of education or encouragement to help athletes appreciate the importance of good dental health on their training and performance, they said.

Sportspeople in Greenville, South Carolina, will have reason to shift gears as far as dental health is concerned. Although the city has a vibrant sports culture under the Greenville Sports Leagues umbrella, it does leaves many opportunities for your teeth to be damaged. When dental health must be at a premium, you must book an appointment with dentists from Greenville, SC, like the professionals at Downtown Dental.

Your consultation with a Greenville family dental practitioner should be extensive enough to identify all of the problems in one blow and help them plan the appropriate solutions. The study took note of dental appointments among athletes competing in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, England. The sessions reportedly accounted for at least a third of all medical consultations during the Games.

A laundry list is in order, which even entails reflections on your end. According to the study, up to 75% of the athletes were suffering from various degrees of tooth decay while 85% had teeth with badly eroded enamel. Impacted molars and infected wisdom teeth unsettled up to 39% of all respondents. The researchers judged that a lack of saliva prevented the teeth from being sufficiently lubricated during a competition, pushed on with the high-carb meals and energy drinks.

Remember that it is never too late to look after your teeth while you’re on downtime from the field. A credible dentist will see to it.

(Source: Dental health of athletes is poor, say researchers, Horsetalk, 14 October 2014)

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