Understand the Oral Cancer Danger with your Trusted Greenville Dentist

Certain vices carry dangerous consequences and you will need adequate screening to act on it before it’s too late. For that, a dentist can certainly help. In his Philadelphia Inquirer article dated October 8, 2014, writer Steven Reinberg said:

Higher Risk of Oral HPV Infection

Tobacco use in any form appears to be linked to an increased risk of infection with oral human papillomavirus type 16 (HPV16), a virus that can cause cancers of the mouth and throat, according to Johns Hopkins University researchers.

The odds of being infected with HPV16, a sexually transmitted disease, rise as tobacco use increases, the researchers said. As few as three cigarettes a day can increase the risk of infection with HPV by almost one-third, according to the study.

How tobacco use might influence HPV16 infection isn’t clear, said lead researcher Dr. Carole Fakhry, an assistant professor of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Health authorities in the United States do not lack in warning people about the dangers of tobacco and how they can affect their body in many ways. When you feel a loved one who smokes is bound for some oral dangers, it’s time to set them up for help with a competent Greenville dentist like Downtown Dental’s Dr. Trey Kenna, DMD, FAGD.

The findings were gleaned from a recent U.S. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey of almost 7,000 people. At least 2,000 respondents admitted consuming tobacco through methods like cigarettes, pipes, or chewing them from a canned dipping tobacco product. The researchers identified 63 tobacco users diagnosed with HPV16.

A skilled dentist administers oral cancer screenings by checking the inside of your mouth with gloved hands. The object is to find mouth sores or red/white patches. Some unusual sores will warrant extraction and biopsy.

Chronic tobacco use does hamper people’s chances of accessing additional dental services, particularly when dental works in Greenville, SC offer dental implantation. Some established studies note, for example, that tobacco usage affected the gums so much that they could not solidify the implants’ bond with the jawbone; even worse when there’s loose teeth as a result of gingivitis and receding gums. Teeth whitening can be out of the question if the consultation reveals that the stains are too embedded for bleaching; tobacco also raises the chances of more plaque buildup.

Although HPV vaccines are designed to target HPV16, a dentist can advise you to lay off smoking if you want a dental procedure to be successful. It can be a step to breaking the habit.

(Source: Tobacco tied to higher risk of oral HPV infection, Study finds, Philly.com, 8 October 2014)

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