Trusted Greenville Dentists Guiding you in Your Summer Preparations

Summer is right around the corner and anyone you know may be gearing up to hit the beach as soon as school is over. Still, you wouldn’t want to forget to check up on your teeth before the mercury climbs. A health article on CBS underlines the importance of putting an appointment with the dentist ahead of a summer vacation on your calendar.

Trusted Greenville Dentists Guiding you in Your Summer Preparations

Greenville may be a few hours from the South Carolina beaches, but even then, the various summer activities you can experience in the city provides innumerable opportunities for the teeth to withstand more than fair share of abuse. Unforeseen circumstances involving the teeth may even sideline you when you should be out there having fun with your family and friends. When dental issues are presenting bigger problems that can derail your plans this upcoming summer season seek immediate help from skilled Greenville dentists.

Reflection of Habits

When you’re committed to an appointment with your preferred dentist, it sometimes forces you to recall the various habits that have badly affected your teeth. Some dentists interviewed for the CBS article admitted that summer is the leading season where the teeth are dangerously vulnerable. This is due to consumption of citrus and energy drinks, which contain citric acid that degrades the enamel, as well as swimming in the pool, with its chlorinated water.

Stains are something to watch out for and act upon, especially during the summer, as they can ruin your smile. If you’re already planning a Fourth of July barbecue this early, take note of stain precursors such as the barbeque sauce, vinaigrette/sugary salad dressings, or even the blueberries you harvest for your homemade pie. There’s even a danger of chipped teeth from digging into BBQ ribs or brisket.


A periodic tooth cleaning for adults and children helps in scraping away all plaque concentrations, plus sealants to further protect against tooth decay. In some respects, your wisdom teeth may be a potential flashpoint that must be dealt with. Consider this: wisdom teeth tend to grow at unusual angles and not only may they not erupt at the gumline, they may also impact the adjacent molar. A Greenville, SC wisdom teeth removal can be in order, but plan accordingly, as the doctor may recommend considerable recuperation time.

Summertime may be a wonderful opportunity for your family and friends to enjoy each other’s company. Going to a dental practice like Downtown Dental beforehand will eliminate the dangers of dental pain kicking in when you’re at a very exciting juncture.


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