Trusted Dentists Cite Several Reasons to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth

As you enter your late teens or early twenties, you might notice new teeth erupting from each side of your upper and lower jaws. It is a normal development; these molars are called wisdom teeth. They are the last set of teeth to appear. Because there are other teeth nearby, they may emerge only partially or in crooked fashion.

Though they appear normal because they aren’t yet creating pain, it is advisable to have them checked by friendly Greenville dentists as you enter between the age of 16 and 19, when it can be determined whether these molars should be removed or not.

There are various reasons for removal of wisdom teeth. Understanding why they must be removed will help you to better understand your general oral health.

wisdom teeth

Avoid Infection

Wisdom teeth can obstruct the cleaning of gums enough to cause infections. When this happens, your gums become inflamed and ultimately affect your surrounding teeth. Because an infection does not always exhibit symptoms, dentists recommend wisdom teeth removal for Greenville, SC teens and young adults as soon as these molars appear.

Prevent Diseases

When you try to avoid infection through removal of wisdom teeth, you are also preventing various diseases, mostly cardiovascular. Research shows that inflammation caused by bacteria breeding in the affected area can find its way to the bloodstream. This can then result in different health issues.

For Oral Health

The absence of discomfort doesn’t mean everything’s okay inside your mouth. In fact, you may not feel any indicator that your wisdom teeth are becoming stuck or impacted, which prevents them from properly breaking through your jaw and into your mouth. This can damage the tooth beside the molar as it continues to develop and push up against the wisdom tooth.

Impacted wisdom teeth can also affect the result of dental treatments, such as braces, dentures, bridges, and crowns. This is why dentists recommend removal, which avoids such problems and ensures that your oral health remains intact.

These are only some instances in which wisdom tooth removal might be necessary. Not everyone needs to have them removed. If you’re not sure about your wisdom teeth, visit a dentist who will assess your oral condition. After analyzing the shape of your mouth and teeth alignments, as well as your age, your dentist will be able to decide whether the molars should stay or leave.


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