Top Three Reasons Why You Need Teeth Whitening from Greenville, SC

Teeth discoloration should not come as a surprise. With all the pigmented food and beverages you take in every day, your teeth’s changing color is inevitable. Fortunately, there are ways to restore your teeth’s deciduous whiteness. The most effective of these is teeth whitening performed by a dentist in Greenville, SC. Here are some of the undeniable benefits of teeth whitening.

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It Can Improve Your Smile

Having a complete set of teeth isn’t enough to be able to showcase a beautiful smile. Your teeth have to be pearly white, too. Having dull-looking teeth also makes you look unhygienic since it can be associated with failure to brush and floss regularly. In addition, facial cosmetics work best in transforming your appearance with a set of clean, white teeth. Not only does a beautiful make you feel more confident about yourself, but it can also help widen your circle.

It Helps Prevent Dental Caries

Teeth whitening does not only remove stains from your teeth, but it also removes tartar, which houses cavity-causing bacteria. Every time you eat and forget to brush or floss you teeth, foodstuff left on the surface or between your teeth may harden to form tartar or plaque. Soon, this plaque is already difficult to eliminate through brushing or flossing alone. It can only be dislodged through the chemicals and procedures involved in teeth whitening.

The problem with plaque is that the bacteria it feeds are capable of transforming sugar into lactic acid. This acid is the one responsible for corroding the teeth and leaving a dark hole on them. Eliminating the plaque means preventing bacteria from causing your teeth to decay.

It Helps Prevent Periodontal Disease

It is not only your teeth that the bacteria feeding on plaque can damage. If you ignore cavity, it might spreads across your mouth, affecting even your gums. When you gum is infected, it may lead to gingivitis at first and develop into periodontal disease down the road. If left untreated, your gum will start to recede as well as the stability of your teeth. This is when your teeth become prone to falling off. Teeth whitening can help prevent any of these.

When considering teeth whitening, you have the option to do it yourself at home using over-the-counter teeth whitening strips. The problem with strips, however, is that their effect on your teeth is not guaranteed, whereas in-office teeth whitening performed by a dentist is guaranteed effective and lasts only an hour or two. Therefore, when it comes to teeth whitening, going to the dentist is your best bet.


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