Think Smart: Call on Greenville SC Dentists for Wisdom Tooth Removal

Justin Bieber, Paris Hilton, and Miley Cyrus are just three of the many famous faces who recently had their wisdom teeth removed. Celebrity or not, however, those four “extra” permanent adult teeth in the back of your mouth sometimes need to go. Most experienced Greenville dentists can perform flawless wisdom teeth removal. Visit one today if you are determined to have those trifling body parts taken out.

wisdom tooth removal

What is a wisdom tooth?

Before going through wisdom teeth removal, it is crucial to first understand the significance of the procedure. First, you need to know that only around 35% of the population is born without wisdom teeth, so be sure that the teeth you want to be extracted are really wisdom teeth. If those are really wisdom teeth, find out how many you have, because there are some who grow more than four wisdom teeth, which could entail a lengthy and intense operation.

If wisdom teeth have to be removed, why do they have to grow in the first place? Research finds that these third molars based in the back of the mouth were remnants of our evolution. Our ancestors needed these molars to chomp down on tree bark, strong roots and sinewy, raw meat.

Wisdom teeth are the only teeth that develop after birth and grow in between the ages of 17 and 25. It is especially important to have routine dental exams between those ages, because impacted wisdom teeth may cause no pain. The only time pain starts to emerge is when the wisdom teeth begin to cause their neighboring teeth to decay.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth removal in Greenville, SC is considered a surgery for a reason. Unlike the extraction of regular teeth, this one is more invasive, considering that the teeth in question are growing sideways. It can even be more complicated if the adjacent teeth have already been damaged. Your dentist will explain this to you before conducting the operation.

To ensure that the procedure will be safe and quick, your dentist will require an X-ray of your oral cavity. This way he can have a visual of the position of the teeth and what types of tissue are surrounding them. The X-ray will also help reveal the extent of the damage, which in turn allows your dentist to determine the cosmetic dental procedure you need after the wisdom teeth have been extracted.

Depending on the number of wisdom teeth taken out and the invasiveness of the procedure, your post-operative treatment may include taking antibiotics and anti-inflammatory meds for a week or two. Since this is a surgery, expect to be advised not to carry out heavy chores until the wound has healed.


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