The Do’s and Don’ts You Should Follow When Getting Teeth Whitening

Teeth get stained due to several factors. Smoking cigarettes causes extrinsic stains, which appear on the outer layer of the enamel. The same goes with drinking too much coffee, soda, and wine and eating food that can discolor the teeth.

There are also intrinsic factors that affect the color of the enamels, including excessive exposure to fluoride during childhood, trauma to the tooth, and internal bleeding. Aging is another cause of teeth stains. The enamel covering the teeth gets thinner over time, making the dentin, which naturally becomes yellowish, show through.

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Because of these, teeth whitening has become a popular cosmetic dentistry procedure. However, many are unknowingly committing mistakes when making their teeth whiter, wasting the treatment and the money spent on it. To achieve the best results, you should know what you must and must not do when whitening your teeth.

Do Talk to Your Dentist First

Doing the whitening yourself without consulting a dentist in Greenville, SC first can be a recipe for a disaster. It’s crucial to have your oral condition checked before trying any teeth whitening products. This way, the dentist can spot if you have tooth decay, which can go against the product you’re planning to use. For instance, holes in the teeth can make the bleaching product seep into them and hit nerves, causing pain and severe damage.

Do Stay Away from Whitening Mouth Rinses

Spending on tooth-whitening mouthwashes isn’t cost-effective. These rinses have a high alcohol content and can be harmful to other parts of the mouth. Also, they’re not as effective as whitening products that are prescribed by dentists.

Don’t Drink and Eat Staining Products

Food and beverages that can stain your teeth should be avoided. Among these are acidic products such as citrus foods, as well as wine and chocolates. Using a straw though can lower the risk of staining your teeth when drinking such beverages.

Don’t Overdo It

A good rule to follow is to match the color of your teeth with the whites of your eyes. This way, you can avoid over whitening the enamels, which can make your teeth look chalky instead of having a healthy sheen.

These do’s and don’ts are an excellent guide in whitening your teeth and keeping the effect for a long time. Ask your dentist as well for tips and advice on how to maintain a healthy-looking set of teeth and a bright smile.

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