Take Your Kids to a Greenville, SC Dentist during this Candy Season

Greenville is the biggest city in the largest metropolitan area of South Carolina. This means that there are many children here as well, and everyone knows what children do on Halloween.

Protect Your Kids’ Teeth

Aside from Halloween, however, October is also National Dental Hygiene Month. So don’t just let your children go out to collect those candies and chocolates. Be certain that along with their costumes, their munchers are also prepared for the festivities.

October is National Dental Hygiene Month. And with Halloween right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to make sure your children are maintaining good oral hygiene.

Even though most parents make sure their kids brush after treats, oral health is more than just brushing.

Bad Breath

Food with high sugar content can cause bad breath because sugar is also a source of food for bacteria. In addition to proper brushing, you should also floss your children’s teeth and rinse their mouths through a gentle mouthwash to prevent bad breath. If your children already have it, take them to a family-friendly dentist in Greenville, SC.

Tooth Decay

Sweets can also stick to teeth, leading to plaque buildup. If left unchecked, this can cause tooth decay so make sure that your child’s teeth are brushed and rinsed after treats. Arrange a trip to the dentist for more effective removal of plaque.

Tooth Ache

Although decay is usually the biggest cause of tooth aches, there are other sources like teeth grinding, infection, an abnormal bite or a new tooth is about to come out. If the tooth ache persists, visit your local dentist right away.

Gum Disease

The buildup of plaque will not just affect the teeth. It can seriously damage the gums that support the teeth as well. Badly infected gums will not be able to properly hold the teeth, causing them to become loose, and eventually fall out. In some cases, tooth extraction is needed. Let an experienced Greenville, SC dentist inspect your child’s whole mouth.

Give your kids the joy of trick-or-treat season and let them indulge without the risk of having problems in their teeth and gums. Make an appointment with one of the best dental offices in town to scare away all those oral worries for your children.

(Source: Protect your kids’ teeth this Halloween season, KPLCTV, October 16, 2014)

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