Say Goodbye to a Painful Mouth with a Painless Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth, despite the name, are among the top causes of pain among some people and one of the main reasons why people go to the dentist. Normally, dentists would let some patients keep their wisdom teeth if they grew properly. In the event of an impacted wisdom tooth, however, wisdom teeth removal is recommended.

A Look on an Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Impacted wisdom teeth are wisdom teeth that could not grow out of the gums fully because of obstructions of other teeth, an occurrence known as impaction. With the impaction, inflammation and infection can occur, as well as damage to the adjacent teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth is a common occurrence and happens among individuals aged 17 to 21.

painless wisdom teeth removal

Seek a Dentist’s Help

Some patients mistakenly believe that wisdom tooth removal is a painful ordeal, as it requires surgery. Thankfully, the procedure can be painless and comfortable- especially when conducted by trusted Greenville dentists.

During the first appointment, the patient can get an xray of his jawbone and teeth, showing the location of the impacted wisdom teeth. The dentist can also explain the potential problems posed by ignoring the existence of the impacted wisdom teeth and ultimately not removing it. These dangers include infection of the mouth, as well as constant pain.

What to Expect in the Procedure

The extraction process itself is painless and fast with the increase of better anesthesia numbing the area where the teeth are located. General anesthesia will be administered to make you sleep if more wisdom teeth will be removed at the same time.

After the anesthetic, the gum tissue will be opened up in the area where the problem tooth is located. This will then allow the dentist to pull the tooth, or in some cases, cut the tooth into smaller pieces for easy pulling. Finally, stitches will be put in place after the surgery to close the gums.

Aftercare Requirements

Wisdom teeth removal can be a one-visit procedure, but sufficient aftercare is necessary- especially for patients that experience certain complications. For instance, patients will be advised to bite gently into a gauze pad or cotton and use an ice pack to avoid bleeding. Your dentist may also prescribe you with a couple of prescription drugs to help you manage the pain.

Knowing the dangers and the procedure can help you decide whether having your impacted wisdom teeth extracted is necessary. Through this information, you can see that extraction is a simple but necessary thing to rid yourself of more complications in the future.


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