Pediatric Dentists in Greenville, SC: The Need to Visit a Reliable One

Summer is the part of the year where parents get to spend more time with their kids at home playing and bonding the whole afternoon. On the other hand, though it may be a season for rest and relaxation, parents should also take the long break as an opportunity to get their children ready for the next school year, health-wise.

Put Health at the Top

An article published by Greenville Online in South Carolina offered an excellent suggestion in maximizing the summer months by ensuring the health of children, including the condition of their teeth which sometimes do not receive much attention:

“One thing a lot of people forget about is every year you’re required to turn in a specific form from the pediatrician to keep medicines at school,” she says. “Physicians get a lot of forms to sign, so any kind of form you’re going to need for school, turn them in as soon as possible.”

That goes for safety plans if you have a child with special needs and for sports physicals, too, she says.

Just before school starts is a good time for annual eye exams as well, especially if you have concerns about your child’s vision, Martin says. If your child hasn’t had a dental exam in the last six months either, schedule that as well, she says.

Dr. Martin of the Pediatrics Associates in Easley advised a comprehensive checkup for children to get them ready for school. A list of action items would include visits to established dentists in Greenville, SC. Though there are many dentists in the area, it is imperative that parents look for a practice that also attends to children.

Just like adults, children are prone to forming cavities. Most of the time, they also tend to ignore their oral health, exposing them to even more dental threats. Once cavities form and are left unattended in children’s teeth, tooth decay can easily follow and have long-term consequences that can affect them well into adulthood.

Finding a reliable pediatric dentist in Greenville, SC, like a specialist from Dental Town, will guarantee exceptional care and attention to your child’s needs. These reputable practices use some of the latest tools and equipment, and their professionals are trained to handle the wide range of dental conditions that can affect children.

Summer should be fun and exciting, but responsibilities to your child will always remain no matter the season. By finding a good dentist in your area, you can make the dental trip for your child a safe, comfortable, and productive one.

(Source: “Put health at the top of back-to-school checklist,” Greenville Online, July 28, 2014)

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