Oral Surgery Guide: When to Consider Using Greenville Dental Implants

We all want a smile that exudes optimism, one that boosts our confidence and opens many doors of opportunities in life. Unfortunately, maintaining long-term oral health can be challenging for most people. With sugary treats and beverages becoming more and more available, it can be difficult to keep your teeth looking the way you want. Whether you have extensive oral issues or missing teeth, exploring your options for oral surgery in Greenville will allow you to find a lasting solution.

oral surgery guide

Maintaining Your Face’s Natural Shape

Your teeth play a big part in maintaining your face’s natural shape. These pearly whites and other tissues that make up the oral cavity serve as a framework to your maxillofacial structure. Missing teeth often cause the face to begin to sag. Dental implants provide the support it needs to stay looking young and refreshed.

Long-Term Solution

When dental problems emerge, don’t hesitate to find remedy as soon as possible to prevent them from getting worse and irreversible. It’s not smart to always consider the cheaper option when opting for a remedy. Dental implants are built to last, and they can endure a lifetime of use when properly maintained. Considering that popular alternatives only last around five to seven years, the higher initial price on dental implants will cost you less.

Support for Your Other Teeth

Your teeth rely on each other for support. Because of this, when you’re missing just one, the others will begin to shift unnaturally. This can slowly change your appearance and make it difficult for you to chew and speak. Dental implants provide the support necessary to correct these issues.

A Smile You Can Be Proud Of

Dental implants are strong and stable, and they are the next best thing to your natural teeth. You don’t have to suffer with a smile that’s failed to stand the test of time. We all deserve to express our most positive emotions without feeling self-conscious. If your smile isn’t what it should be, dental implants could the solution you’ve been looking for.

Take note, however, that not everyone can be a candidate for dental implants. So if you are planning to go through implantation a few months from now, spend the time you have on improving the health of your oral cavity. Healthy gums and jawbone will increase your chance of qualifying for dental implant installation.


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