Mind Over Molar: Mentally Preparing Yourself for Wisdom Teeth Removal

You’ll find many tips on how to prepare yourself for the wisdom teeth removal procedure you’ve scheduled in Greenville, SC. There will be advice on which foods you can eat before your appointment; whether you should opt for anesthesia or laughing gas; and how to eat, drink, rest, wash your mouth, and go about daily activities once extraction is done.

All these are necessary, but you shouldn’t overlook one aspect of preparation: mental readiness. Anxiety and discomfort will be part of wisdom teeth removal, but you can combat them by practicing one all-important concept. So to speak, you should let mind triumph over molar.

Just do it

Having wisdom teeth removed sooner rather than later is proactive. But doing so isn’t only a matter of preventing dental complications and related health issues. Marking your calendar for the soonest possible date keeps you from thinking too much about what could happen once you sit in the dentist’s chair. Want to stop worrying about extraction? Just make up your mind you’re doing it and do it.

mind over molar

Bring a buddy

Have a relative or friend accompany you to the Greenville dentists’ office. Your buddy can help reassure you before you sit on the dentist’s chair that everything will go well – as well as offer more than moral support. A companion can help you afterwards, from noting reminders from your dentist, to assisting you on your way home, to helping you set up for recovery.

Remember, you will be medicated during the procedure. The effects will wear off after a few hours, but you can enjoy more peace of mind knowing you’ll have someone to look after you while you aren’t in tip-top shape.

Choose a dentist you trust

Of course, one of the best ways you can make yourself feel better going into wisdom tooth removal is to go into with a dentist you trust. The procedure might be for yourself, your child, or a younger friend or relative. Who better to help you through it than the one dentist you’ve relied on for years? The professional who knows your dental history, plus your outlook and reactions to dental procedures, can best guide you through preparation and recovery.

If you’re new to town, ask friends for recommendations among Greenville dentists. They can lead you to the right dentist – giving you a hand up whether they accompany you to the chair or not.


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