Implant Dentist in Greenville, SC Aids in Strengthening Foundations

There are cases when people who just lost one tooth due to either external or internal circumstances would want to have something strong fill the gap. This is to minimize concerns of tooth loss and, if possible, increase feasibility of corrective methods with the help of a practicing dentist in Greenville, SC. HealthAIM’s Katrina Fuentes said going for dental implants may be one method that can fit the bill.

Implant Dentist in Greenville, SC Aids in Strengthening Foundations

Greenville residents may see the wisdom in having implants to better preserve their smile and overall oral health. The American Academy of Implant Dentistry reports that at least three million people around the country already have dental implants, and many practitioners around the world are increasing their skill set to perform them. When your teeth are in need of additional support in the wake of losing at least one tooth, consider an installation of dental implants through Greenville, SC dentists, such as those from Downtown Dental.


An in-depth consultation with your preferred dentist must establish a strong case for you undergoing dental implantation. Digital X-rays aid in the effort by scanning the jawbone for sufficient mass that will bond with the implant’s titanium content, titanium being deemed excellent for melding with bone tissue. Your gums should also carry no signs of periodontal disease, as the presence of bacteria may contaminate the immediate area of the implant.

The location of the implant may depend on what gaps are there to fill. In some cases, this may be where a former tooth used to be but has yet to close and link the adjacent teeth.


If the patient’s situation is viable for a dental implantation, a subsequent appointment will including the implant being put in with a temporary abutment locked in on top. It is important for the patient to take care of the abutment for a certain number of weeks while the dentist prepares the permanent crown.

Adding More

Dental implants are not just for single-tooth treatments; cost considerations make them viable as anchors for bridges or dentures. This is especially true when a whole section of teeth has been lost and there’s a danger of the gum ridge and jawbone in that area receding. The bonded titanium can arrest that decline and allow for linking implant-supported dentures.


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