How Dentists Help to Make Root Canal Procedures Less Stressful for you

Root canal, in Greenville, SC or elsewhere, is a procedure that no-one looks forward to. It’s often associated with extreme pain, discomfort and a long recovery time. However, with the help of Greenville dentists, root canal doesn’t have to be a scary or stressful experience. There are things that can be done to make your root canal procedure as easy as possible.

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What is Root Canal?

Root canal is the removal of the pulp of your tooth which may be infected or swollen. Pulp is the substance in the middle of your tooth which contains the nerves and blood vessels. When it becomes inflamed or infected it can be extremely painful, and you may need to have a root canal procedure to solve the problem. During root canal treatment, the pulp of your tooth will be removed, and the leftover space will be filled to ensure no bacteria can enter the area and cause further infection or an abscess.

Naturally, patients can may worry that this procedure will be extremely painful for them. They can be concerned that, as the nerve is the part of the tooth that causes sensation, it will be very uncomfortable to have it removed. In reality, most people find root canal to be less painful than expected. It is often likened to the pain of having a filling.

Although you will experience a loss of sensation- such as hot or cold- in your tooth after root canal treatment, your tooth will still function as normal.

Do you Need Root Canal Treatment?

Your dentist will give you a definitive answer as to whether you need a root canal procedure or not. There may be non-surgical ways to manage your symptoms, however it’s important to remember that leaving an infected tooth untreated can cause additional infections, swelling and damage to the surrounding teeth, nerves and gums. It’s sometimes it’s better to go through with the procedure to prevent added harm.

Look for a Positive Experience

A good dentist will do what they can to make the root canal treatment as easy and pain free as possible for you. Choose a dentist with a calming office, so that you can sit comfortably and try to relax when you have your procedure done.

A dentist with lots of experience in completing root canals is likely to have the skills necessary to make the procedure quick, so that the pain you feel is as limited as possible. A good aftercare program will also help to lessen recovery time and avoid side effects such as further infection.


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