Greenville Dentists on Why Wisdom Teeth Should be Removed Immediately

Anyone who has had their wisdom tooth removed knows how painful the experience can be prior to extraction. The longer you leave a wisdom tooth alone, the more painful it can get. Compared to the hurt that results from ignoring wisdom teeth, an extraction is practically just a walk in the park.

Many individuals choose to ignore a wisdom tooth problem until the pain is no longer bearable. When Greenville dentists advise you to have your wisdom tooth removed, it’s important to listen to them and schedule the procedure as soon as possible.

Greenville Dentists on Why Wisdom Teeth Should be Removed Immediately

Sometimes, patients can be completely unaware that they have a wisdom teeth problem until their check-up with the dentist. This usually occurs when the tooth is below the gum line. If the dentist suspects a problem, they’ll request for you to have an X-ray, and based on the results, they can determine if the tooth will cause a problem, then recommend an extraction when necessary.

A wisdom tooth can grow at problematic angles, which can negatively impact bite. Plus, they can overpower surrounding teeth and cause crowding, and this pressure on other molars causes the pain you feel. In some cases, wisdom teeth will not cause pain, but they will still have to be removed because of the untoward pressure they transmit from the back to the front of teeth.

To reiterate, when it comes to your wisdom teeth, follow your dentist’s recommendations. Some dentists decide to remove healthy molars to prevent problems down the road. They do this so it’s easier to remove the tooth because as you age, the bones get harder and make the teeth harder to remove.

If you prolong wisdom tooth removal, you could complicate the surgery and have issues afterward that include heavy bleeding, teeth fractures, severe numbness, and even some loss of jaw movement. These issues could last a few days or a lifetime. It can never be stated enough: have your wisdom tooth removed when your dentist recommends it.

Skilled Greenville, SC wisdom teeth removal dentists such as Downtown Dental are know how to remove wisdom teeth with minimal discomfort and pain. If you’ve been told that your wisdom teeth needs to come out, these highly experienced dentists should be the one performing the procedure for you.


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