Greenville Dentist Encourages Patients to Have Proper Dental Health

The University of Manchester’s School of Dentistry conducted a research and presented results that a person’s self-esteem is highly affected by his set of teeth. “Our research suggests that oral health changes, such as tooth loss, can have a profound effect on a patient’s quality of life,” said Dr. Rajesh Vijayanarayanan, EvoDental Implant Centre’s Clinical Director and Principal Dental Surgeon.

People with a perfect smile are happier in life

Missing teeth or other dental conditions can cause a person to lose his confidence, not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. In another study related to this research, images of straight and crooked teeth were presented to respondents. Results found out that 58% of people with complete set of teeth have a better chance of being successful in life compared to patients experiencing other dental conditions.

Tooth Discoloration

Aside from having crooked or missing teeth, discoloration can also affect a person’s overall dental health. The teeth’s hard surface, called the enamel, is where discoloration usually occurs. Different factors can cause teeth discoloration, such as food and beverages such as apples, coffee, and wines. Bad habits like smoking and not brushing and flossing regularly are suspects, too, as well as getting too much fluoride on the teeth—this is why it is advisable for patients to limit their brushing to at least twice a day. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of genes, as teeth discoloration can be hereditary as well.

Dental Health

Given these various causes of teeth discoloration, patients who are at risk of developing such can prevent it by modifying their eating and dental habits. Having regular dental check-ups, for one, may help prevent further damage. Greenville, SC dental works provide treatments that target the cause of the discoloration.

Bleaching, for example, is a professional method administered by dentists, which can help remove stains on the patient’s teeth. This treatment uses various chemicals with a certain amount of exposure in order to meet the patient’s preferred shade. There are also available over-the-counter whitening products as well that provide convenience for some patients.

Proper dental health affects the person’s quality of life, thus it is important to follow certain rules to avoid unwanted diseases. Consulting with a Greenville dentist like Downtown Dental, regarding their offered services can help in achieving that perfect smile, which can help improve the quality of your life.

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