Great Teeth Starts with Early Oral Care through a Pediatric Dentist

One of the significant things that parents teach their children is proper oral care to grow strong teeth and prevent cavities. After all, a good set of teeth contributes to the overall beauty and confidence of a person.

However, taking care of one’s teeth does not start when the kids learn to brush their teeth on their own. It starts even before a baby’s first tooth comes out. As a dentist would like you to know, a healthy gum gives way to healthy teeth.

Dental Care for Newborns

Experts say that for babies aged zero to two years, it is advisable to wipe the gums with a soft washcloth after feeding. This will keep the baby’s gums away from plaque. Primary teeth will start appearing at six months, so dentists recommend brushing the baby’s teeth at least twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and water. It will also be very good to have a dentist check the gums and teeth of a baby on his first birthday.

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A Start on Using the Toothbrush

Once kids reach the age of three to five, they can already start using toothpaste.  But parents are reminded to use a small amount (at least a pea-sized amount) and teach them to properly spit out after brushing. It is also recommended that parents discourage the use of pacifiers so that teeth can grow properly. Most importantly, children can start visiting dentists in Greenville, SC regularly.

Losing Primary Teeth

At the age of six, primary teeth can start to fall out to give way to permanent teeth. This happens until the age of 13. Dentists say that parents can start teaching their children to floss and to always watch out for plaque, especially at the back of the teeth.

Dentists also give suggested snacks that are suitable for children to aid them in avoiding too much sugar. Sugar builds acid in the mouth that causes plaque when untreated or not brushed properly. Dentists share that instead of juices and sodas, the best drink parents can give their children is water. Also, parents are advised to not let their toddlers sleep with a milk bottle in their mouths.

For more information, you should first consult a pediatric dentist. These dentists offer a friendly, but enlightening approach to teach and treat children about their dental concerns. Healthy oral care does not only protect the children’s teeth, but also aids to their proper nutrition. It starts at home, with parents teaching oral hygiene and working hand in hand with the trusted local pediatric dentist.


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