Getting Dental Implants: A Deep Understanding on the Factors Involved

Losing a tooth can affect your life. It can weaken your self-confidence, make speech harder, and cause discomfort in your mouth. This is why you may want to consider a dental implant after losing a tooth.

A titanium post placed into the jawbone, a dental implant allows a replacement tooth or a bridge to be placed in the affected area. Unlike dentures, dental implants don’t come loose, therefore easing worries that your teeth may fall out while speaking or smiling.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants in Greenville, SC lend the feel and effect of having new teeth, regardless of what you are eating or doing. They work, look and function like natural teeth,so you won’t have to worry about a gap in your teeth when you smile. Implants ultimately boost self-confidence and induce smile after smile.

getting dental implants

Another benefit is better speech. Unlike dentures that don’t fit perfectly, you can speak freely without fearing that your teeth may slip, which can make you slur or mumble your words. Dental implants become increasingly comfortable as they gain permanence.

Moreover, dental implants contribute to your overall oral health. Because they don’t affect nearby teeth, you can rest assured that other teeth remain healthy and intact. They are also durable, lasting for years as long as you take care of them.

Health Factors to be Considered Before Getting Implants

Your overall health is a crucial consideration when deciding to receive dental implants. Healthy gums and bones are a requirement for receiving an implant, not to mention good oral hygiene, such as regular brushing and flossing. On the other hand, people with heart disease, diabetes and other chronic disorders must first be assessed before receiving an implant. Heavy smoking can also affect your chances of getting dental implants. If you are a heavy smoker, tell your dentist.

The Healing Process

Dental implants are less painful than a tooth extraction when it comes to healing. Also, a local anesthesia can be applied to ease any discomfort. Expect mild soreness after the surgery, but you can deal with it by taking over-the-counter pain medications. Ask your dentist for a prescription and advice on how to make the healing process faster.

Dental implants can definitely enhance the quality of your life. Just make sure you talk to your dentist in Greenville, SC to understand the entire process.


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