Finding Reliable Dentists in Greenville, SC Prior to Medicaid Boost

There are many factors surrounding a person’s overall well-being, which traverse the physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual areas. Health is one of the most important factors that affect a person in these areas, as a healthy human being can achieve more compared to someone who is suffering from an illness. Unfortunately, there are some aspects of health that are often neglected by many, like oral hygiene.

Finding Reliable Dentists

In the state of South Carolina, a large number of adults have failed to get regular dental checkups ever since the state cut dental services for Medicaid beneficiaries for fiscal reasons. People are now feeling the move’s backlash, as poor dental health has resulted into many different problems that even affected livelihood and quality of life, as reported in an article published by The Post and Courier:

“We need to look at dental services differently than we have in the past,” said S.C. Medicaid Director Tony Keck, a member of Haley’s cabinet. “Dental health is increasingly tied to broader physical health beyond just the mouth: heart disease, healthy pregnancies.”

Even employability, Keck said. Bad teeth make bad first impressions. Tooth aches mean missed days at work.

“It’s like the eyes are the windows to your soul, the oral cavity is everything else,” Barry said, including “function, aesthetics, nutrition, infection, chronic inflammation.”

With South Carolinians still awaiting the approval of the Medicaid boost that would grant “limited access to preventive and emergency dental services,” it is crucial to find reliable dentists in Greenville, SC who are capable of providing quality services.

One of the first things to look for in a dental practice is how comprehensive their services are. People experience different dental issues and concerns, and finding a practice that can attend to a wide range of problems will certainly help immensely. For example, a person suffering from nagging toothaches may have to consult an emergency dentist in Greenville, SC to address the problem and prevent further complications. There are also patients who require a higher level of dental cleaning such as teeth whitening, which local practices such as Downtown Dental can address accordingly.

Residents of South Carolina are crossing their fingers for the approval of the proposed boost for Medicaid. While the issue is still being deliberated on, they are encouraged to make the most of what they have by finding reputable dental practices in their area.

(Source: “S.C. lawmakers will consider $35M plan to add back dental care for 270,000 adult Medicaid patients,” The Post and Courier, January 27, 2014)

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