Expert Dentists in Greenville, SC Do More than Pull or Clean Teeth

Taking care of your teeth is vital to maintaining not just their appearance, but your overall oral health as well. Although we are all capable of brushing and flossing on our own, we still need the help of dentists to ensure that we maintain our teeth properly, as one article on the Examiner website dated September 17, 2014 reminds. The article describes how dentists discovered that their patients have been brushing with a toothpaste that has potentially harmful plastic “microbeads:”

Dental Hygientist

Dentist hygienist Trish Walraven noticed little blue dots trapped in the tiny spaces between people’s teeth and gums. She thought the blue dots were a cleaning product or something her patients had chewed.

Walraven told that when she questioned other hygienists, they said they were seeing the blue dots also. They finally figured out that it was polyethylene which is a plastic found in products like garbage containers, grocery bags, bullet proof vests, and even knee replacements. While the polyethylene is used in difference brands of toothpaste, Walvaren said one brand appeared to use the plastic microbeads more than others. Her patients said they were using Crest toothpaste.

Your dentist is not just there to pull out loose teeth and such; the expert is capable of prescribing and treating a number of dental issues you might be having. Even certain oral problems, such as bad breath, can be addressed by dentists if the cause is related to your teeth or gums. If you are unsure about the current condition of your teeth, consider seeing professional dentists in Greenville, SC so that they can take a good look at your mouth and resolve any complications.

Aside from pulling teeth and administering dental cleanings, dentists are perfectly capable of assessing a patient for any signs of oral cancer or other periodontal diseases. Dentists can also help prescribe proper dental care to patients who have difficulty keeping their teeth clean, and can even help patients determine what part of their diet is causing the problems. Some local dental offices, such as Downtown Dental, can assign a patient to a skilled emergency dentist in Greenville, SC who can attend to serious matter such as abscessed teeth.

(Source: Dental hygientist discovered Crest toothpaste contains little pieces of plastic,, Sept. 17, 2014)

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