Experienced Greenville Dentist Speaks about Dental Implant Process

For severely damaged or missing teeth, nothing sure beats the convenience and functionality of dental implants as a tooth replacement option. That being said, exactly what are the advantages of having dental implants apart from returning that healthy and toothy grin?

Maintaining the Health of Your Other Teeth

According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, these dental appliances offer quite a number of benefits. For one, they address the long-term negative effects of a missing tooth on neighboring teeth. Among other things, the remaining teeth can be subject to misalignment and damage because the oral structural integrity is compromised. In addition, the surrounding teeth may have a higher chance of shifting every time a person bites into juicy or hard-textured food.

Benefits of Dental Implants

A dental implant is placed directly into the jawbone, and is firmly anchored, usually by having it screwed in place. Dental implants are typically made from a highly durable metallic or ceramic material that is not at all likely to break or chip. With dental implants in place, one does not have to worry about the other teeth shifting, which in turn promotes the mouth’s structural integrity and helps keep the remaining teeth healthy.

Looks and Feels Great!

In the hands of a capable dentist from an office like Downtown Dental, such meticulous dental works in Greenville, SC can restore and, in some cases, enhance a person’s smile. MissingTeeth.org also adds that compared to dentures and other external tooth replacements, dental implants feel more natural, enabling users to eat whatever food they want without the fear of their dentures falling out at awkward moments.

Am I Qualified?

Given the invasive nature of this procedure, which involves bone and gum tissue, South Carolina patients would need to consult and undergo screening by a seasoned Greenville dentist such as Dr. Trey Kenna of Downtown Dental beforehand. A dentist will typically take a look at the patient’s medical history, general health, and existing jawbone mass. Patients who are cleared for this procedure can soon look forward to getting their gorgeous smiles back. With proper care and periodic adjustments, dental implants can last a very long time.

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