Diet, Activity Changes, and Other Things to Expect After Oral Surgery

There have been a lot of funny videos, which went viral recently, of people waking up from wisdom tooth extraction. It is certainly amusing to see people acting hilariously or saying comical things while the effects of anesthesia are still lingering. They may look dazed and confused, or even appear as if they’re seeing reality as a bizarre dream.

Diet, Activity Changes, and Other Things to Expect After Oral Surgery

Of course, those viral videos only show the “fun” parts of what to expect after the oral surgery. Together with the amusing after-effects of anesthesia, patients normally deal with swelling and some pain, which would be managed by medications. Puffy cheeks and lingering pain aside, these are some of the things to expect after wisdom tooth extraction:

Be Careful with Your Oral Care!

After surgery, among the priorities would be promoting wound healing and preventing excessive bleeding. The empty socket or site of extraction would be packed with gauze, which should be replaced when soaked. Avoid other oral injuries if your mouth is still numb by taking care not to bite your cheeks, tongue, and lip.

Your usual routine for oral hygiene, which should involve brushing your teeth and flossing, would have to be modified by using gentler strokes and avoiding the site of the surgery. Your dentist will also instruct you on when and how often you can rinse your mouth with saltwater solutions. In some cases, you may have to delay the routine, even gargling immediately after the surgery.

Soft Food First, No Straws, No Smoking

When you can resume eating (as advised by your dentist), choose liquids and soft food like soups, pudding, and mashed potatoes while your wound is still healing. Usually, this would be advised for a few days, and you can eat your regular preferences after.

You may also want to eat cold food which would be soothing to your mouth. Avoid smoking and using straws when drinking beverages, since sucking on these sticks can loosen the blood clot on the site of extraction, which is important for healing.


Any vigorous physical activity should be avoided, since these may agitate your healing wound. It is also advisable to return to work, drive, or perform other critical activities after the effects of medications have worn off. An experienced dentist, such as Dr. Trey Kenna of Downtown Dental in Greenville, SC, will detail all of the precautions and recovery measures you have to take after getting your wisdom tooth or teeth extracted.



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