Depend on Trained Dentists in Greenville, SC for Sedation Dentistry

Ever had trouble getting through a dental appointment? You are not alone. It is not uncommon for people to be nervous about seeing their emergency dentist in Greenville, SC. These anxieties may be triggered by previous traumas and because of this, sedation dentistry has become necessary.

Sedation dentistry is a method used to provide patients with a relaxing and anxiety-free experience while receiving dental treatment. It is used for many major dental procedures such as roots canals and wisdom tooth extractions. The sedative drugs leave patients in a sleeping state, enabling them to go through the treatment without pain.

Dentists are also offering it as an alternative to people who might be too anxious to go for checkups. Patients who are fearful of the dentist often resort to this method to get the dental work they need.

Dental Sedation Calms Patients, Courts Controversy

A calm state can be established through the use of sedatives that can be administered in a variety of ways, including Intravenous (IV) Sedation and Oral Sedation. Regardless of the type of sedation, it is very crucial to have a properly trained professional facilitate the process. A Chicago Tribune article by Jessica M. Morrison states:

The American Dental Association “supports the right of appropriately trained dentists” to use sedation or even general anesthesia to treat patients, saying it is safe and effective when properly administered.

Moreover, anesthesiologists have expressed their concerns that dentists without anesthesia specialties might not be well-equipped to perform the procedures in the event of an emergency. Many dentists in Greenville, SC find themselves reevaluating their protocols when it comes to dealing with patients who have deep-seated fears or trauma on the dental chair. Of course, they would have to stay still so that the proper procedures may be conducted for their dental treatment. As many patients would agree and attest to, using sedatives certainly is one way to help them overcome such fears.

One plus side to sedation dentistry is that it makes a patient feel like the treatment only lasts a few minutes, as opposed to the actual time it takes. Since sedation dentistry addresses some of the fears people have, they are more likely to go for regular check-ups and less likely to neglect their oral health.

(Dental Sedation Calms Patients, Courts Controversy, Chicago Tribune, August 09, 2012)

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