Dentists in Greenville, SC Urge Oral Hygiene to Save on Healthcare

Heart attack: $44,000 a year. Diabetes: $7,900 a year. Stroke: $25,000 for 90 days.

These enumerated illnesses are Americans’ top threats to their health. The numbers beside it are the average annual costs. Needless to say, having any of these physical conditions are not only burdensome on an individual’s health, but also on their finances. Did you know, however, that serious as these illnesses may be, sometimes they come from the most benign beginnings, such as lack of oral health care.

Many studies have already proven the link between gum disease and the rest of the disease empire. Plaque can get into the bloodstream and disrupt the flow of blood to and from the heart. In relation to this, the blockage can force the heart to work harder, putting strain to the body. Sugar left in the mouth can wreak havoc on blood sugar levels.


Do you see a pattern? These troublesome diseases, along with their exorbitant annual costs, can be averted with just a few minutes of brushing and flossing.

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine found the significant savings good oral hygiene can make. The Economic Voice reports:

The study looked at almost 350,000 patients with gum disease and discovered after treatment, on-going costs for those with type-2 diabetes, strokes, heart problems and pregnancy decreased by 40.2 per cent, 40.9 per cent, 10.7 per cent, and 73.7 per cent respectively.

The study also found hospital admissions were reduced after treatment for gum disease for those with diabetes and heart problems.

Picture this: tens of thousands of dollars in disease care saved just by using a $6.00 tube of toothpaste, a $3.00 toothbrush, and a $4.00 box of dental floss. Even if you add regular visits to trusted dentists in Greenville, SC such as Downtown Dental, the overall cost of good oral health won’t even come close to a hospital bill.

With healthcare costs on the rise, prevention becomes more important than ever. The human body is wired from head to toe; any part of the body affected by disease can quickly spread and produce more complicated effects. In the case of oral health, gingivitis and tooth decay could become atherosclerosis or type-2 diabetes quickly.

It’s not too late to practice good oral hygiene; it never is. It’s the least you can do to reduce your likelihood of getting sick no matter how high or low your chances are. Although you can be sure to trust your emergency dentist in Greenville, SC, it would still be much better if patients take on preventive measures by themselves – such as the simple act of brushing and flossing teeth – without waiting for the worst-case scenario to happen.

(Source: “Financial benefits of good gum health ‘clear to see’,” The Economic Voice, April 8, 2014)

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