Dentists Debunk Some of the Common Root Canal Myths Out There Today

There are many rumors and myths spread about root canals. Some may be true, some may be partially true, but the vast majority are false. No one ever looks forward to a root canal because most people think of it as an extremely painful and difficult procedure. On the contrary, a root canal can be quite painless when done with the proper medication and sedation. Learn about some of the myths here before you decide not to get one.

Myth #1: Root Canals Take Too Long

Many people think getting a root canal takes hours and can take several visits to Greenville dentists. On the contrary, a root canal usually takes around 1-2 hours at most, unless there are unusual problems. However, the number of appointments may vary depending on the extent of  work done.


Myth #2: A Tooth Extraction Is Better Than a Root Canal

A tooth extraction actually has a lot of negatives. There is no replacement for an extracted tooth, so you have to live with a gap in your mouth or undergo some other type of procedure. If you want a bridge or an implant to replace the tooth, that will cost you more money and a lot more trips to the dentist. Tooth extraction also allows bad bacteria to enter your bloodstream and can cause more complications. A root canal lets you keep your tooth and will last for decades, if not a lifetime.

Myth #3: Root Canals Are Painful

While there is pain and some sensitivity when you undergo a root canal procedure, modern medicine can control the pain. You will have some pain after the procedure, but the dentist will prescribe painkillers if required. You will have to be careful chewing for a while, but the sensitivity and pain will disappear within a few days or a week or so. Persistent pain is not normal however, and if the pain continues, you may need to see a specialist.

The Truth is Out There

These are just a few of the myths surrounding root canals. If you want to reduce all of the complications that can stem from a tooth infection, and you want to do so in the most cost-effective manner, then getting a root canal is the likely answer.

However, do not believe everything you hear about having a root canal at face value without first speaking with your trusted Greenville, SC dentist. He can provide you with answers as to the truths or falsehoods regarding what you may have heard.

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