Challenges to Your Kid’s Oral Health and How Your Dentist Can Help

Proper oral care should start the moment a baby is born. Just because there are no visible teeth yet, doesn’t mean oral development is void inside inside an infant’s mouth. As the baby grows, teeth will start growing and by age 6, permanent enamel will develop and continue to do so until age 21.

Maintaining good oral health in children can be a challenge. For one, the very young don’t fully understand the importance of proper oral hygiene. Moreover, they develop oral habits that may be hard to break. Their love for sweets, for instance, pose a major hurdle to keeping their mouth, teeth, and gums in good shape.

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Knowing these challenges is important for parents, who can find assistance in overcoming such hurdles from a family dentist in Greenville, SC. Specifically, a dentist can advise you on preventive measures despite such challenges.

Thumb Sucking

While pediatricians believe that thumb sucking is a normal and even important part of a child’s formative years, this habit should cease before permanent teeth start appearing. Continued thumb sucking can affect the way a child’s teeth grow. If finger sucking by your child continues to age 4, you can consult a dentist about this habit.

Dental Fear

Because going to the dentist is usually associated with pain, a lot of kids are fearful of dentists. You can help your child overcome this anxiety by talking about the dental visit as if it were an exciting trip where they can get stronger and healthier teeth. Make them feel at ease. You can even let your child sit in your lap during a consultation to help the child relax.

Difficulty in Sticking to an Oral Care Routine

It’s not always easy for kids to follow an oral care routine because they’re easily distracted and they have a short attention span. You can, however, encourage them by involving the entire family. Brush teeth together and make the habit a rewarding experience for your child. This will benefit not only your kid, but also the entire family.

Overcoming these challenges can help ensure your child’s oral health and well-being. Dentists specializing in family dental health in Greenville, SC can help you with your efforts. They know techniques and strategies aimed at educating children about oral care.

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