Capable Greenville Dentists Can Treat Severe Tooth Decay and Toothache

Tooth decay is a perennial problem all people contend with, especially when so many of the food consumed are rich in sugars. Sugar is what the bacterial plaque in teeth feed on, producing teeth-decaying acid as a byproduct. Not only does tooth decay ruin a beautiful smile, it can also lead to infections that cause bleeding, abscesses, and intense pain to the individual. Individuals who want to avoid tooth decay could watch their diet and brush and/or floss more often, but only if it is not too late.

Capable Greenville Dentists Can Treat Severe Tooth Decay and Toothache

Fortunately, those suffering from advanced tooth decay can find relief through proper dental treatment. Skilled Greenville dentists, such as those from Downtown Dental, can help patients with their tooth decay problems no matter how critical the conditions are. Dentists can also assist patients with preventing further decay, and can help keep teeth clean and protected from cavities.

Root Canal Therapy: For When a Tooth is Too Infected

When tooth decay reaches a critical point, the bacteria causing the rot will eventually reach the nerve and pulp within the tooth, infecting and/or damaging it. This leads to excruciating toothaches that are great sources of frustration and discomfort. Those who suffer from toothaches can opt for root canal therapy to treat the infection; the procedure involves removing the pulp and nerve of the decayed tooth before cleaning and permanently sealing the damaged piece.

When Do You Need a Root Canal Procedure?

Pain is often the most telling sign that you will need root canal therapy. If your tooth experiences a lingering pain that stays after eating and/or drinking hot and cold food, it could mean you are suffering from advanced tooth decay. Pain that feels like it is spreading from one tooth to the others, and pain that comes while chewing, are also symptoms of severe tooth decay, which can be treated with root canal therapy.

Why Should You Undergo Root Canal Therapy?

Letting tooth decay take its toll can lead to even worse complications. The toothaches will eventually disappear after some time, but that only means that the infection has killed off the tooth’s nerve, and it will continue to breed more bacteria that spreads slowly to the gums, forming abscesses. Worse, abscessed teeth can lead to bone loss and swelling of the cheek. To put a stop to this, it is imperative that you seek out a dental office that offers root canal in Greenville, SC as soon as you feel sharp pain in your teeth.



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