A Greenville, SC Emergency Dentist Should Address These Symptoms ASAP

Cavities are becoming an epidemic in the United States, especially among children and teenagers. In truth it isn’t very hard to see why. Many of the treats they like are high in sugar or acidic content—sometimes, both. One such example is sports drinks, as mentioned in an article on CBS Pittsburgh:

Serious Dental Problems

All those sports drinks kids are downing to keep themselves hydrated are ruining their teeth. Dentists are seeing serious tooth and mouth problems at much younger ages.

The sugar in these sports drinks becomes food for the bacteria in your mouth, and the waste generated is an acid that ruins teeth.

“We’ll see lesions, especially affecting the front teeth, but cavities all in the back, a lot of erosion and damage to the front and back of the teeth,” [Dr. Katelyn] Woods said…

Cavities are a common reason to see a dentist. Unfortunately, many people only go to their dentists when the damage has already become extensive. It’s quite sad since many dental problems can be reversed if experienced dentists in Greenville, SC can treat the problem easily while it’s in its early stages. With that in mind, here are some dental problems that you should never ignore:

A severe toothache that suddenly disappears

Toothaches are a major nuisance, so shouldn’t you be happy when they disappear? Honestly, you shouldn’t be. Severe toothaches occur because tooth decay is starting to irritate the nerves deep within your tooth. When the pain suddenly disappears, it is likely that the rot has killed the nerve. This problem should be brought to the attention of a trusted emergency dentist in Greenville, SC like Dr. Trey Kenna as the decay can easily spread to other teeth.

Incessant bad breath

Bad breath is caused by an abundance of oral bacteria in the mouth. Typically, you stymie the growth of these bacteria by brushing your teeth and gargling mouthwash. However, if bad breath persists despite your efforts, you may be suffering from halitosis or some other dental condition. In such cases, the increasing amount of bacteria can easily speed up the erosion of your teeth.

Any type of problem with your gums

Sometimes, oral bacteria get tired of ruining your teeth that they try and affect your gums. If you notice that your gums are swelling or bleeding, set an appointment with your dentist. Allowing the symptoms to continue can result in more serious gum diseases like gingivitis.

(Source: Sports Drinks Causing Serious Dental Problems For Young Athletes; CBS Pittsburgh; July 24, 2014)

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