3 Telling Signs You Need to Visit Your Dentist Now for Oral Surgery

Your oral health plays a key role in your overall wellbeing. A good set of teeth and healthy gums will help you speak, chew, and digest food properly. They can also boost your self-confidence by giving you a winning smile. This is why it’s important to attend to oral problems as soon as possible.

Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is one solution to fix problems that could affect your health. Your dentist in Greenville, SC may conduct a comprehensive examination to determine the best course of action. However, there are signs that a surgery might be in the future for you.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are surgically removed if they cause pain and affect nearby teeth. If your jaw isn’t large enough to allow a wisdom tooth to grow properly, it will likely fail to emerge completely, making it trapped and impacted between the gum tissue and the jawbone. This can lead to pain, swelling, and even infection. If left ignored, an impacted tooth may trigger a cyst or a tumor to grow.

Tooth Loss

If you require an alternative to dentures and bridges to replace a missing tooth, then you will likely need surgery for a dental implant. This procedure involves the placement of an artificial tooth that will be anchored in the jawbone. Dental implants look and feel like natural teeth, allowing you to chew and speak as normally as you would with real teeth.

Dental implants are only allowed if you have enough bone level and density to support the operation, and if you are free of health problems such as diabetes, cancer, and alcoholism that may aggravate the treatment.

Unequal Jaw Growth

There are people whose upper and lower jaws suffered incongruent growth, making it difficult to eat, swallow, speak, and even breathe. The surgery will allow the realignment of the upper and lower jaws to attain a more balanced and healthy position. Surgery, however, is often recommended if the problem cannot be resolved by the braces or other orthodontic devices.

These are only some of the cases that may require oral surgery in Greenville. If you’re experiencing any of these maladies, you have to prepare yourself for the treatment physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The thought of undergoing a surgery can be daunting, but as long as you have a reliable dentist, you don’t really have to worry about it.

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