What Is My Mouth Trying To Tell Me About Root Canal And Wisdom Teeth?

Pain is how the body tells people when something is wrong, and this is why you might experience tooth pain or discomfort. While this can occur if a popcorn kernel is stuck in your teeth, something more serious could be happening periodically. Here is what individuals may need to know when the problem might require a root canal or extracting wisdom teeth.


The Problem inside a Tooth

While you have probably heard of a root canal, you might not know why the procedure is actually necessary. A root canal could save a tooth when the pulp inside of a tooth decays or becomes infected. Symptoms you might see when this happens include the tooth darkening or a bump on the gums near the tooth. You might feel swelling near the tooth, pain when eating or pressing around the area or sensitivity that lasts from cool or hot temperatures.

When Wisdom Teeth Come In

Not everyone has to worry about wisdom teeth as some develop correctly. Additionally, any problems typically take place when one reaches 15 years old. A wisdom tooth could only cause trouble if it is crooked and doesn’t have room to grow, or if there’s a cyst forming within. If something is wrong, you could feel the tooth rubbing against your tongue, cheek or mouth, have jaw pain or stiffness near the tooth, or have an infection on a flap of tissue over the tooth.


A root canal will likely involve removing the nerve from the painful tooth to prevent future discomfort, and a dentist also removes the damaged pulp before putting a filling or crown in place. A dentist usually extracts a bad wisdom tooth, and stitches could be necessary after the tooth is gone.

In both of these cases, a dentist can numb the area or give you some type of anesthetic for the procedure. This means that the pain of treatment is minor compared to how much a tooth could be bothering you. If your tooth is trying to tell you there is a problem, it is best to listen to it and undergo a root canal or wisdom teeth removal with help from Greenville, SC dentists, like those from Downtown Dental.


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