Teeth Whitening—Opt for Greenville, SC Dentist instead of At-Home Kits

There are at-home whitening kits that you could use, which means you do not have to visit a Greenville, SC dentist to whiten your teeth. At-home kits are cheap and convenient, and therein lies the gist of their appeal. That said, there are a few reasons why you may still want to consider professionally whitening your teeth rather than attempting to do it on your own with an at-home kit.

Faster, better results

While it may be true over-the-counter kits use the same whitening chemicals that top teeth whitening dentists use, you won’t necessarily get the same results. The secret lies in the technique—dentists have better skill, knowledge, and experience to apply teeth whitening technology than you ever could. Likewise, a dentist can customize a teeth whitening treatment plan for you, practically ensuring that he or she help you to whiten your teeth several shades whiter than at-home kits can. More than that, you may see more immediate results.

Pick Dentists Instead of At-home Kits


You may save more in the long run

Teeth whitening is not effective for all forms of tooth discoloration. A trusted Greenville, SC teeth whitening dentist can tell you if you are a good candidate for teeth whitening, which can potentially save you from hundreds if not thousands of dollars on ineffective at-home kits. In some cases, veneers or bonding may be used to help you improve the look of your teeth.


Better choices

Regardless of whether you choose to have laser whitening, gel trays or some other professional whitening method, you’ll enjoy the fact that a wide variety of whitening options are available for all situations through your Greenville, SC dentist. And since a teeth whitening professional will be looking at your teeth, you’ll be better equipped to know which type of whitening method will work best for you.


Consult with a dentist first

Your Greenville, SC dentist can evaluate your teeth discoloration and provide you with more information about the treatment options that you may use to whiten your teeth. You can learn more about the potential results, duration of the treatment and the cost. Even if you still end up deciding to go with at-home teeth whitening kits, you’ll be better informed about your choices, which can increase your chances at a more successful teeth whitening procedure.


Teeth whitening in Greenville, SC

Greenville, SC residents looking for professional teeth whitening know to trust top dental offices in the area, such as Downtown Dental.

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