Teeth Whitening Can Help with Career Success and Social Interactions

Some people decide to visit the dentist for teeth whitening in order to look younger and better. While social reasons for a whiter smile are certainly valid, professional teeth whitening also helps people attract various career opportunities, personal appearance can be a contributing factor in ensuring career success in Greenville, SC.

In the corporate world, someone well-dressed and confident is more likely to be noticed than a poorly groomed one. Consumer studies back this up by showing that great teeth and a healthy smile definitely play a major role in how a person is perceived. This is especially true if you’re involved in public speaking or interviewing for a job.

How You Feel About Yourself

If you’ve noticed your teeth are beginning to turn yellow, or you have a discolored tooth or two, chances are you’re self-conscious and don’t realize you’re not smiling as much. When talking with others your self-esteem can start to waver and before you know it, your self-confidence can fade.

Smiling confidently not only helps boost your own mood, but it’s contagious and makes others happier. Smiling also relieves stress and improves your immune system.

Teeth Whitening Can Help with Career Success

How Others See You

A good smile can be an important asset at the office. If you are looking for a job, the better your appearance at the interview, the more likely you will be considered a serious candidate. The condition of your teeth can be just as important as what you decide to wear. If you can present a bright smile, you will be seen as trustworthy and self-confident. Professionally whitened teeth can influence other job situations. They can make lasting impressions with coworker relationships and influence job promotions.

For success, both personally and professionally, brushing your teeth may not be enough. Teeth stain and begin to turn yellow with aging or because of heredity. Certain foods and beverages and even antibiotics can cause discoloration. Too much fluoride, tooth decay, trauma to the tooth or changes in tooth enamel can all influence tooth appearance. Teeth whitening is an option your dentist may recommend that is cost-effective and makes the most of your smile.


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