Lost a Tooth? A Trusted Dentist can Restore It through Dental Implants

Anyone that has recently lost a tooth or had a tooth extracted should immediately begin exploring their options for restoring their smile. Older devices such as removable dentures will partially restore the form and function of one’s smile, but they are not as sturdy, long-lasting, and comfortable as implants. Here is a quick glimpse at some of the benefits of dental implants offered by reputable dentists and what to expect during your own procedure.


A Closer Look at Modern Dental Implants

Implants are restorative devices that are anchored into the bone socket that has been left by a missing or extracted tooth. Typically, dental implants are planted into the gums through oral surgery. They are made of three components including an abutment, crown (or false tooth), and titanium rod. The titanium rod is the part that actually attaches to the bone in a process known as osseointegration. Once the mouth has healed, the other two components are attached to the rod to restore the patient’s smile.

Prepping for Your Oral Surgery

Patients that are considering dental implants will need to have relatively healthy gums and strong bones, which can be determined by your dentist. Those that have been diagnosed with a chronic condition such as diabetes will need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

It is absolutely vital that you quit using all tobacco products two weeks before the procedure to prevent any complications. Anyone that uses homeopathic or prescription medication should notify the dentist of exactly what they are taking. Other than that, patients should try to remain as healthy as possible leading up to their surgery.

The Day of Your Surgery

If you need just a single implant, your dentist should be able to carry out this procedure in just one hour with nothing more than a sedative and topical anesthetic. After the implant has been anchored into the bone, patients will need to allow their mouth to heal for 6 to 12 weeks before the crown is attached.

Once in place, the titanium rod should last for the patient’s entire life with proper care. Custom crowns will often last for 15 years or longer with daily brushing, daily flossing, and regular trips to a dentist in Greenville, SC, like those at Downtown Dental.


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