Greenville Dentists Reveal the Dangers of Problematic Wisdom Teeth

Anyone who has experienced molar pain will cringe at the thought of their wisdom teeth erupting. While it is almost a rite of passage for teens and young adults to have their wisdom teeth extracted, it certainly is not something that anyone looks forward to.

Greenville Dentists Reveal the Dangers of Problematic Wisdom Teeth

With advances in dentistry techniques used by talented Greenville dentists, the tooth extraction procedure is one that can be done under sedation so that you feel no pain or pressure. It is important for those who have been fighting through the pain caused by these final molars to know some of the ways neglected oral work can be dangerous. Read on and learn how postponing wisdom teeth removal can affect people in the short and long run.

Wisdom Teeth Can Damage Other Teeth

It’s easy to assume that anyone who needs wisdom teeth removal will know the moment it becomes a problem. In actuality, over 60% of the 5 million removals that are scheduled and performed on an annual basis are not yet needed and not yet causing pain. Many will have their wisdom teeth removed in an effort to prevent damage to the jaw or to surrounding teeth.

It’s common for a jawline to be too small to accommodate the erupting molars and this can cause the tooth to push up against its neighbors when it’s coming in. If the molars do cause shifting in the mouth, it can lead to major mouth pain and bite problems that can affect a person’s overall health. For young patients, some experienced dentists will recommend removal early on while bones are still soft and the procedure is easier to perform.

Infections and Periodontal Disease

Due to its location in the mouth, wisdom teeth can be difficult to clean. As such, it is not uncommon for the tooth and its surrounding gums to become infected and for the infection to spread. If an impacted tooth becomes seriously infected, it can lead to periodontal disease and irreversible damage to the jawbone.

The danger of neglecting your oral work can lead to significant damage. If deemed necessary, don’t hesitate to part with your molars before they cause you pain and much more. Take action and schedule your appointment with a Greenville, SC dentist today.


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