Good Oral Health is a Must for the Family, Says a Trusted Dentist

While it’s true that family dentists are trained to treat issues that arise throughout life from the first baby tooth to senior dental care, oral health is different from other medical care. When you visit a family dentist, he or she will have your whole dental history. This means that the dentist can predict problems in you and your children’s teeth based on your past dental records.


Some Advantages of a Family Dentist

Whether you need teeth whitening or lessons on how to care for an infant’s first teeth, it is to your advantage to find a family dentist who can both treat your dental problems and answer all of your questions. First off, family dentists know how to ensure that children have the best possible experience, and one key factor to that is children knowing that they are being treated by the same dentist as their parents.

Since they are familiar with dental issues for both children and adults, they know how to recognize dental problems in advance. They also offer personalized dental care for children, honed to suit their needs as they grow up. Not to mention, you’ll save more time because you’ll only need to visit one dental clinic for the dental needs of everyone in your family.

The Importance of Pediatric Training

A dentist who is trained in family dental care will have pediatric training. This is important because children are not just small adults, but they also have unique problems that may arise during infancy. They are also often not happy about visiting the dentist, but a pediatric dentist has been trained to help children feel comfortable and relaxed when they need dental care.

Pediatric dentists may provide preventative care such as fluoride treatments and diet and nutritional recommendations. They may also offer advice to parents on thumb sucking and pacifier use. Along with treating cavities and tooth decay, they will be able to assess if the child is developing a proper bite or needs correctional treatment as well as handle any dental emergencies, such as knocked-out teeth or tooth injuries they children may sustain during activities.

It is much more convenient to have one dentist to cater to your family’s oral health. Set an appointment to a family dental health clinic in Greenville, SC, like Downtown Dental, and make it a family habit today.


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