Dental Issues You Should Have Dentists in Greenville, SC Resolve ASAP

Even patients who schedule regular checkups and brush their teeth multiple times a day can develop oral health problems. Luckily, many of these issues are relatively minor and can easily be treated when they are taken care of immediately. Here is a look at four warning signs that you should never ignore and how they can be treated by an emergency dentist in Greenville SC, such as Dr. Trey Kenna.

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1. Bad Breath

Bad breath after eating certain foods or right when you wake up is perfectly normal, but these odors should disappear after brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash. Those who have chronic bad breath (halitosis), however, might be dealing with the earliest stages of gum disease. A common byproduct of untreated gum disease is lingering bacteria that results in persistent bad breath.

2. Dry Mouth

Also referred to as xerostomia, dry mouth can result in a variety of unwanted oral health conditions when patients do not seek out experienced dentists in Greenville, SC. Xerostomia can develop at seemingly random times, but patients will often notice it during hormonal changes such as becoming pregnant. Dry mouth must be treated as quickly as possible due to the fact that it will increase a patient’s risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral infections.

3. Increased Sensitivity to Hot and Cold Foods

It is perfectly natural for your teeth to hurt after being exposed to particularly hot or cold foods, but any immediate changes to sensitivity could be the result of damaged enamel. Teeth generally become damaged when oral bacteria dissolve the enamel, but they can also become chipped and cracked. Increased sensitivity is often one of the first signs dental caries (cavities).

4. White Spots on Your Teeth

While it is natural to think that having a brighter smile is a good thing, unusual white spots that appear out of nowhere are not a good sign. Tooth decay begins by attacking and dissolving the outer layer of enamel on the teeth and exposing the lighter layers below. These white spots are actually the result of serious damage that must be treated immediately. Catching this issue early and treating it with options such as fillings will prevent further damage.

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