7 Reasons You Need a Dental Exam

Seven Reasons You Should Have Regularly Scheduled Dental Exam

 Visiting your dentist every six months may seem unnecessary, but dental appointments are a vital part of your overall health. From dental cleanings to x-rays, dental examinations do a lot more than simply make your teeth sparkle. However, many patients forget their dental exams due to dental care costs or anxiety.

Before you miss another dental exam, take a look at these seven reasons for regular dental exams.

  • Prevent Cavities by Removing Plaque and Tartar- Even with regular brushing and flossing, plaque and tartar are difficult to remove, especially in hard to reach spots. Plaque that is left alone builds up and hardens into tartar. Tartar is nearly impossible to remove without professional help. 

Once plaque and tartar take hold, cavities soon follow. It is nearly impossible to spot a cavity until your tooth is already damaged and decayed. Regular dental exams will remove the plaque and tartar and prevent tooth decay and tooth loss.

  • Gum Disease Prevention and Treatment- One of the most serious and common dental health issues is gum disease. Again, plaque and tartar buildup creates the perfect opportunity for gum disease to set in. Tartar along the gum line infects the gum and teeth, creating open pockets where more decay and disease can get under your gums.

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Once gum disease begins, it is hard to turn back the clock. Gum disease causes painful swelling, tooth decay, and even breaks down the density in your jaw bone. Remember, quick dental examinations twice a year are a lot less expensive and time-consuming than gum disease treatments.

  • Spotting Bad Habits Before They Damage Your Teeth- Many people have bad habits that affect the health of their teeth. Often, patients aren’t even aware they are damaging their teeth by chomping on ice or grinding their teeth or even snoring. A good dental exam can help spot those damaging habits and get you the treatment you need before the situation gets worse.
  • Saving You Money Today- Regular dental exams help prevent big dental issues down the road. A simple dental cleaning or exam can spot small issues which can be quickly treated and stopped before they become major dental procedures. When you visit Downtown Dental, you can save time by scheduling dental exams near downtown Greenville, SC.
  • Neck, Head, and Lymph Node Tests- Besides checking your teeth and gums, dentists will also run quick tests on your jaw, neck, head, and lymph nodes. By checking these areas, your dentist can help spot thyroid issues, bone density issues, and even cancer.
  • Finding Hidden Problems with X-Rays- A major part of most dental exams is the dental x-ray. Dental x-rays help dentists check for any problems that might be h
    iding underneath the surface or in the root of your tooth. Impacted teeth, tooth decay, and misalignment issues can all be spotted through routine dental x-rays.
  • Oral Cancer Screenings- Without your routine dental exam, oral cancer can easily go undiagnosed until it is too late. Our team of dental experts is highly trained in oral cancer screenings so they can spot symptoms and signs during your regular dental check-up.

Besides being life-saving, oral cancer screenings are easy and painless. A simple cancer exam is completely non-invasive and can quickly catch signs of tumors or dead tissues that could be related to cancer. If you have dental anxiety, our dental team offers comfortable dental sedation options to calm your nerves.

Convenient and Comfortable Dental Care 

The caring dental team at Downtown Dental work with you and your schedule to provide you with easy, reliable, and painless dental care that is stress-free. Scheduling your dental exams near downtown Greenville, SC means you can pop in on your lunch break and get back to work in no time. Call us today at 864-438-2646 to get set up your routine dental exam. We’ll keep your teeth healthy and beautiful.

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