Consider Dental Implants to Restore Your Smile and Oral Functions

Your smile is the first thing many people notice about you. While every smile is unique and beautiful in its own way, some factors can make you feel less confident about yours. If you have ever lost one tooth, or even several teeth, as the result of an illness or an accident, you may wonder if your smile will ever be the same again. Fortunately, with dental implants, you can regain your confident and healthy smile.

Consider Dental Implants to Restore Your Smile and Oral Functions

Dental implants are the most ideal teeth replacements in many ways. They look and feel natural, so no one could tell that you have lost a tooth. They can also restore the normal use of your mouth. If you are missing teeth, you understand how the extra space can affect your ability to chew food, or to speak or laugh. Dental implants effectively solve this problem. They are constructed very much like real teeth, so they do not cause any discomfort or fear that they would come off accidentally.

Dental implants are also incredibly strong and durable, and their permanent nature provides numerous benefits. As they are integrated into your gums and jaw, they are not easily removed or knocked out during everyday activities. They are also easy to care for. All you need to do is brush and floss your teeth like you always do.

The effectiveness of dental implants does not happen overnight. The process basically involves three stages. At the first stage, the dentist will drill a small hole into your gums and insert the metal implant. The implant will then be allowed to bond with your jawbone tissues—a process that could take a few months. The dentist will then attach a temporary replacement tooth to the implant to fill the gap and help prepare your mouth for the new tooth. Finally, once the implant has bonded well with your jawbones, the temporary crown will be replaced with a new permanent one.

If you have a lost one or more teeth, you do not have to settle for a less-than-perfect smile or inconvenient teeth replacements. Consider getting dental implants to give you back the confidence in your appearance and your oral functions. Locals can learn more about dental implants from a dentist in Greenville, SC like one at Downtown Dental.


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