Advances in Teeth Whitening Procedures Prioritize Family Dental Health

Teeth whitening is a non-invasive dental procedure that brightens the dentition by several shades. Innovative bleaching systems have been developed in recent years that are more advanced and provide almost immediate results. This venue of dental therapy allows both the patient and the dentist to choose from an array of options for best results.

Several factors are taken into consideration when determining if the individual is a good candidate for a whitening treatment. These may include severity of the stains, patient’s age, patient’s expectations, patient’s health status, medications presently taken, and good oral habits.

Randomized clinical studies and trials prove that this procedure is well tolerated by most patients, and the most common side-effect is a transient sensitivity. Teeth whitening is safe and effective with long-lasting results when monitored by a dental professional.

Advances in Teeth Whitening Procedures

One of the newest techniques developed is laser tooth bleaching encompassing the use of diode laser and hydrogen peroxide formula. The first whitening approach is performed by the dentist. The following treatments can be completed at home by the patient until the desired results are achieved. The patient may be scheduled for follow-up visits to ensure a proper progress.

Not everyone qualifies for the bleaching procedure. However, because of its high degree of safety and effectiveness, the treatment can be performed on patients of all ages, populations, both genders and usage conditions. The results vary and are often closely related to the patient’s oral habits and daily hygiene.

The whitening systems have been modified and greatly improved over the last few decades in efforts to satisfy the population’s demand for self-improvement. Teeth whitening is beneficial for many reasons. The stains and minor color imperfections of the enamel can be easily corrected without using any invasive methods of treatment. Additionally, the patients are satisfied with the initial results upon their first treatment, and the tooth structure does not require any reduction. It is also a superb alternative to more expensive options of smile improvement such as crowns, bridges or veneers.

As with many other dental procedures, teeth whitening requires meticulous oral hygiene and regular recall visits with the dental providers. Family dental health can be significantly improved by educating the patients about various dental therapy options. Patients of all ages are encouraged to ask questions to become familiar with all choices presently available.

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